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anyone here use a plantronics 640 i am thinking about getting one i have 7100g... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    Smile bt headset


    anyone here use a plantronics 640 i am thinking about getting one i have 7100g

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    Re: bt headset

    I don't have that perticular one; I have some cheap (well it was cheap at the time) off-brand headset.

    It works nice, though I liked it better on my Sony Ericsson T610... The 7100T I have it quite soft when using the earpiece... though it's better than trying to use the regular speaker. I frequently just answer a call and push the "OP" key to switch to speakerphone, then with that on 1-2 "bars" I can put that up to my ear and use it. Sure I probibly look like an idiot; but it works.

    So would I get a bluetooth earpiece? Sure; it's still a nice thing to have in some instances; but the loudness surely isn't as great as I'd want.
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    Re: bt headset

    I use a Plantronics Voyager 510 and I LOVE it. It is the best overall headset I have used. The sound and volume is great on both ends. My gf uses the Bluespoon AX2 for her 7290. It works good too. Altough it picks up backround noise when she is doing 80 on the freeway.

    I did bid on and win a Plantronics 640 today on ebay. I can't wait to get it. I bought it from a local seller so hopefully I can pick it up tonight. I had been wanting something new since the 510 doesn't look too good (its kinda 'geeky'). Hopefully this one performs as good and will look better doing it!

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