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so even though i no longer own a blackberry (i did when this forum was ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    so even though i no longer own a blackberry (i did when this forum was first started)...i just figured id say i just got a bt800 theyre awesome i just leave my phone in the car and bring the headset...much smaller than my razor in my pocket...

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    Re: BT800

    Dang.. Either that headset has unheard of bluetooth range, or you don't go far (more than 33ft) from your car.

    Though yeah, bluetooth headsets are fun. I tied my phone to my ankle one time (so the phone wouldn't be in my pocket) and told some students where I work that the headset was the entire phone; they actualy believed it since I could hold the button, say who I wanted, and it would call them, lol.
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    Re: BT800

    i think 33 feet is a little short of wht i get maybe more like 45 feet w/ no walls...but i sleep in a room that is almost over the garage...

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