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Ok, fyi first. I had issues (read about it here ). Tried to edit title ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    BSE, stand up company.


    Ok, fyi first. I had issues (read about it here). Tried to edit title to something a bit more positive and failed, and wanted all to know that the CEO os BSE has made it right.

    Someone, whom I won't name (haven't heard back from this person, so playing it safe) contacted BSE President Michael Herring on my behalf after my issues went ignored. Turns out they weren't ignored but apparently an email issue. In any event Mr. Herring contacted me last night with a very generous offer to replace the broken part, refund the skin, and a new skin for the new part.
    I think the offer is great, and I hope Mr Herring understands why I replied as I did. We declined, but only because all we wanted was an apology. Mr Herring went beyond that, and I honestly felt it was above and beyond.

    Why? Well after calming down, it was easier to think it through. Its $5 and honestly not worth the trouble we and BSE would have to go through. As well, despite the peeling, I put the skin on the device to match up the piece peeled off, and thus still using that skin. We got what we paid for, I see it as wrong to take a refund or another skin. Hard to understand, but I don't want to feel I'm getting something when we're don't deserve it. (My sense of right and wrong can be strange I know)

    Mr Herring took his time to address something personally. In this day and age many companies will pass the buck and avoid responsibility. This was a $6 item and (thanks to someone) the companies President took the time to apologize and make it right. That earns faith and trust in my book.

    Buy BSE. What happened to us is apparently rare, and in any event BSE will not leave you hanging.
    And Mr Herring, thank you. Alls well.
    (And thanks to someone else, you know who you are)
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    I would take up the offer to replace the products. That happened to me once. I received a CaseMate case from a contest for my 8100. Within a month the belt clip ripped a hole in the back of the case when I put it on the seatbelt of my chair. I got a free replacement customized case but it came after I upgraded to my current 8120.
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    Thanks for taking the time to come back and post about the positive end to this story.
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