Just thought I'd give this head's up - I have read on other sites (and this one)that this case:


causes scratches on the curve's silver bezel - especially at the bottom corners...


Let me just say from experience that...It's unfortunately true! I put this case on from day 1 and have removed it maybe a dozen times to swap out a battery, clean the screen, etc. There are noticeable "scuffs" on either bottom corner of the bezel - Scuffs I probably would NOT have gotten using no case at all! While I suppose this is all no big deal, at $30 for a plastic, molded piece that probably costs much less to make, Seidio is charging a premium for their products and I have been, in the past and generally, satisfied. But now I have a device that I am super careful with that is scuffed - Not from use but from the friggin case!

Look for other options when choosing a case for your 8900 IMO.