I'm trying to create an adapter for the BB8130. Just as a point of reference, the Seidio product ADA3-BB8100M35FST is exactly the OPPOSITE of what I need. I'm looking for a 3.5mm male on one end to plug into the BB; and a 2.5mm female on the other end, into which I will plug the lead from my helmet (it has connect/disconnect controls). I'm trying to hear music and conduct calls. So a 4-conductor jack/plug is necessary.

Seidio/Radio Shack/eBay/etc. (I've searched) do not have the exact fittings (and the other seidio adapter http://www.seidioonline.com/index.as...ROD&ProdID=808 does not work for this application, but I'm not sure why), so I am thinking about taking the full-function headset that came with the BB and snipping the cord just before the connect/disconnect button, and splicing on a 4-conductor female plug.

Does anyone know if this will work? Any tips or tricks or other ideas?