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    Amazon docking pod


    I bought this product and I have it plugged in to my pc via a usb cable i bought from amazon as well, yet it has been stuck on 50% battery all day. I see the charge symbol and the clock pops up everytime i set it back in the docking pod, it's just not charging it.

    only thing i can think of is the usb isn't as powerful as plugging it in via wall outlet. shouldn't make a difference though. it's plugged in to my ups now and still no luck charging. i can plug the phone in via usb and nothing in between and it charges. has to be the pod is defective in some way, but why would the clock come up and the charge symbol???

    anyone have any ideas?
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    I had bought this same exact dock for my Javelin. The instructions that came with mine says that you are not supposed to plug the pod directly to you computer, and is only meant to be used with a wall charger. When i connect my BB to my comp via usb, it does charge, and shows the charging indicator, but the charge is very weak compared to the wall charger. Thats why i just ended up buying a micro usb charger from eBay for 3.99 including s/h. But I always carry the the usb cable with me or shall i say (MICRO-USB) inside my Backpack everywhere i go. Last thing i should mention is that there was a difference in charge when i put the Blackberry in Mass Storage mode... try that. It is a slight difference, but time is money right? Hope this helped.

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