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Alright, I took the time to write a detailed tutorial on how to use the ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    TIP/Tutorial Ultimate Alarm Manager (No Download Needed)


    Alright, I took the time to write a detailed tutorial on how to use the calendar as an alarm manager. Instead of making just one alarm with the alarm application you can use the calendar to create as many alarms as there are minutes in a day.
    Also use it to make alarms for only certain days that will repeat. for example.
    Alarm at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday repeating for 4 weeks and then stopping.
    Free BlackBerry Alarm | emkWan's FreeBerry Free BlackBerry Stuff!
    Blogged all about it. Also included the link to my Loudest alarm ever, which has been downloaded almost 200 times now.

    I hope you guys find it useful and learn something new. That's what being a berry addict is all about. Sharing your knowledge with those around you

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    Ft thanks I had thought about trying this and hadn't really had the time to put the calender through the paces thank for all the hard work
    ~via smartphone

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    You're welcome. Glad you found it helpful!

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