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I am using VZ 8830 with Desk Top manager version This problem started a ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Sync error


    I am using VZ 8830 with Desk Top manager version

    This problem started a couple of days ago, worked fine for about 2 weeks, I get the following errors after it reads the calnder records "Duplicate records found on the device" and then it shuts down.

    Here is a copy of the log:

    Synchronize Handheld Calendar with Microsoft Outlook Calendar
    First System: Handheld
    Second System: Microsoft Outlook
    Conflict Resolution: Notify
    Appointment Range: From 6/30/2007 To 12/31/2400
    --> Duplicate records found!
    Total Inputs From First System: 0
    Field mapping used for translation:
    Handheld Microsoft Outlook
    Description Title --------------- Subject
    Notes --------------------------- Body
    Location ------------------------ Location
    Alarm Date ---------------------- Alarm Date
    Alarm Time ---------------------- Alarm Time
    Start Date ---------------------- Start Date
    Start Time ---------------------- Start Time
    End Date ------------------------ End Date
    End Time ------------------------ End Time
    Alarm Flag ---------------------- Reminder Set Flag
    Free Busy ----------------------- Show Time As
    Private ------------------------- Private

    Internal Error #4238.
    Translation Canceled!

    Any ides would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Sync error

    backup calendar in your outlook first then try removing all the calendar items from your outlook and sync again.
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