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    OK. Following a few weeks of banging my head against the wall, I took a break and had another go at this. The problem was that everytime I did a sync with DM 4.2 to Outlook Calendar on my new Curve (8300) DM kept trying to delete my Outlook entries. After mucho messing about I have found a fundamental conflict occurs if you have set the following conditions

    DM set to include all Outlook entries "scheduled items" for inclusion to handheld
    DM set to "notify if conflicts occur"

    Handheld set to only keep appointments for limited duration (this is the default setting).

    If this is the case the DM will continually try to resolve the inclusion of anything older than 15-90 days on your handheld by deleting them from your Outlook.

    Solution: Go to your handheld, go to Calendar, Select Options, Select "keep appointments forever" (near the bottom of the options screen).

    Am now happily syncing diary with no problems and looking at diary going back to 2004 on my handheld (important in my business)

    Hope this helps.

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