I have the same issues as everyone else on syncing my calendar with Exchange. Works for a day or two then crashes with DM 4.2 sp2 or DM 4.3. I do not buy the corrupted attachment theory unless the BB is constantly corrupting calendar events. Also a fraction of my calendar events have attachments.

I just am in the habit of clearing the BB calendar before syncing almost daily to get ready for the day.

2 enhancements need to be made to the sync program in DM in addition to the bug fix to handle the exeception that causes the crash.

1) Sync without attachments option (if this is really the problem)

2) Force a one way sync from Outlook to BB option.

On #2 I get calendar events sent to me all the time that I decline in Outlook but are auto added to the BB OTA from my IMAP server. Then later when I go to sync the calendar, DM wants to put the event back into Outlook from the BB.

I would also be happy if there was a way to not automatically accept and put calendar events on the BB when they come OTA from IMAP. Have not found a work around yet.

Just complaining a little here.