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we have been using redirector for our one blackberry user with no problems at all. ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Redirector problems starting with Exchange 2003


    we have been using redirector for our one blackberry user with no problems at all. In the last week we began to get admin "delayed" and "could not deliver" on redirector messages sent to When I go into the the SMALL Business SMTP connector on the Exchange I see the que for default smtp server has message in it and is stating RETRY, never ready or active. when I click on the line, it says "the remote server did not respond to a connection attempt" I try and force the connection and nothing happens, and messages continue to que. I watched the activity on the SMTP default smtp log as the blackberry user is active. I see new default smpt servers created for,, and many others. However these messages go out absolutely no problem. So it strickly the messages that are getting stuck. I have no idea what the difference is on the redirector messages means 1001 1103, us etc; and have been on the phone to Cingular (new AT&T) to no avail. I'm now on hold with Blackberry anticipating a very long hold time.

    The bottom line: does anyone know the difference on these redirector messages and what might be causing the problems. I don't have any problems within exchange going out to any other domains.

    thank you for any help

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