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hi, I have a couple new users that are having problems with recurring meetings in ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Recurring meetings



    I have a couple new users that are having problems with recurring meetings in the Balckberrys.

    We use BES and Lotus Notes. The calendars are set to sync wireless.

    When they are invited to recurring group meetings they accept in Lotus Notes and it schedules them accordingly in the future in their desktop clinets. However in their Blackberry it does not and they must manually key them in.

    any ideas?

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    Re: Recurring meetings

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    Re: Recurring meetings

    First of all not enough information....
    Are these users internal or external?
    are they in the US, UK, or India?

    They reason why they need to key in the the scheduled meetings is probably due to the fact they have neglected to check if their "MSGM" server had been migrated over. Check the Address Book to check if they account had been populated over the server, since there new.

    -Also who ever is scheduling these appointments the new users must have proper ACL privledges which would be an "ARD request.
    1. Add ARD (Account Request Database) go to via file> database> open > sdbo5734> select (Account Request Database) 3d down usually> open ARD via workspace>

    2. XP/Notes> right hand column select share calander> submit the request>
    [THIS IS FOR ONLY ACL ENABLED (Access Control List)

    IF NOT

    Go to your MSGM inbox> tools> access and delegations> add the new users.
    Make sure there client side lotus notes is configured properly this reflects on the information provided to the BES server.

    [EXAMPLE] John Smith

    SEARCH: John Smith/NewYork/DBNA/DeuBa
    Search log: FOUND ON : BlackberryNA02/DBNA/DeuBa
    User: CN=John Smith/OU=NewYork/OU=DBNA/O=DeuBa
    PIN: 3003102F (example)
    BES Server: CN=BlackberryNA02/OU=DBNA/O=DeuBa
    State DB: BES\state\1106784589.nsf
    Mail File: mail4\SMITJOH.NSF <-----------users id file located in C:\.....Notes\Data
    Routing Info: S123678
    Network Type: CDMA
    Currently Craddled: NO
    MDS status: ENABLED <---------must be on
    Wireless Calandar: ENABLED
    Forward Filter: Forward messages to the handhekd by default if filters don't match

    Also if these users are from India, make sure if there not on Citrix (portcullis) if so make sure they have filled out a country transfer form if they will be there temporarily for 4+ months, if not they will need to have there mail replicated through Citrix which they would need to contact their project manager which will fill out a PM2 REMEDY case to Global Citrix Support to have there Lotus Notes information pushed to a database server eg. "sdbo5708"

    NOTE: The client should not create the a folder named "MEETINGS" in their mail files, as this will conflict with the "Mettings" view in their Calandar.

    -I need more information to find the resolution for this issue, I basically giving you a good idea what you should be looking for. Assuming this is all internal everything to the users name> H profile> ACL> has to be all correct to fix the issue. If one thing is off its Domino effect.

    New users, im pretty sure there not setup to the proper server, have them contact HR, or there ON-BOARDING LINE MANAGER if these are new employees.

    I can get more in depth, its just I dont have enough information.
    Cingular Blackberry 8800
    PIN: 23F29A44

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