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    Program Recomendations.


    New to the forum looks like I am going to spend alot of time here. Anyways, I just purchased a 8100 and a 8700g, and so far so good. However my thumbs are tiring from inputing all my contacts and calendar info. I am not very tech savvy, this was a purchase to keep my day inline. I do not and will not use Microsoft Outlook, is there a program out there that I can just type all my contacts into, and a calendar, and then just synch it. Let me know. Thanks
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    Re: Program Recomendations.

    ~via BB ( you don't want to use outlook to manage contacts and calendar, there are a couple of other choices.

    You can sync with ACT or lotus notes for sure. I remember someone saying that you can sync with google calendar. But I've never confirmed this so I might be wrong.

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    Re: Program Recomendations.

    Hi Parrott, why not Outlook, did you have a bad experience? Let us know how it goes, as mentioned above there are other choices.

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    Re: Program Recomendations.

    Inaddition to IBM Lotus Notes and ACT!, your could also look into the following:
    IBM Lotus Organizer (no longer developed, but still a decent product)
    Goldmine (also has other plusses, depending on your business needs).

    My preference would be for Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes (even for personal use).
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