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Hey Guys, thought you guys could help! I have a 8330 that is using BIS ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Problems getting bb manager to recognize 8330


    Hey Guys, thought you guys could help! I have a 8330 that is using BIS and is having issues syncing to blackberry manager on a windows xp machine sp3. i'm trying to sync it to outlook but the manager dosent even reconize it, the phones screen goes blank and the led goes to a soild red state and in the manager where it shows in the bottom left what pin is connected it says none. i orignaly thought it was the phone untill i tried useing another phone and it did the same thing. once the phone is pluged in i can tell windows reconizes it but the manager cant for some reason.

    i've tried:
    updating the manager,
    deleting everything from rim off the machine, even the reg files and reinstalling and the same thing

    My guess at this point is another piece of software affecting it and i'm going to see if you guys can help before i blast a new image on the pc.

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    Try this thread. I realize you're trying to sync rather than load the OS but it might help you get it to recognize it.
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