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After pulling my hair out all weekend, I finally figured out a solution. Granted, it's ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Thumbs down Problems with Desktop Manager 4.3 and Outlook Sync


    After pulling my hair out all weekend, I finally figured out a solution. Granted, it's not a good solution, but I figured I'd post this for anyone who has the same problem.

    Problem Description:
    Short Answer: Whenever I try to sync my device (Blackberry Curve 8310 through at&t) with my Outlook, I get no errors but re-occurring appointment ALWAYS ask to be synced -- therefore, I never know exactly what has changed which bothers me. Also, it will occasionally create duplicate appointments which is even more bothersome as they show up not only on the device but in my Outlook as well.

    Long Description:

    I'm on a BIS but I sync my Outlook Contacts and Calender through my work Outlook. I'm not sure exactly what version of Outlook Enterprise Server they are running here, but I know that I'm using Outlook 2002 SP2 on my machine.

    After noticing my problem, I decided to wipe the BB and just force all outlook entries down to my BB. This worked fine the first time, but each successive sync would again ask to re-copy the same 5 reoccurring appointments. I changed all sorts of settings and followed all sorts of threads on here about how to fix such problems. In the end, I think I figured out what the problem was, but not how to fix it.

    Essentially, my company adds a suffix to ever person in the global address book with their status in parenthesis (status being US Citizen, Foreign National, etc...). This status is a three character abbreviation and the names look something like this Doe, John (USA). However, my outlook contacts for these people don't have their status fields. When a re-occurring appointment is setup by one of these people, Desktop Sync happily copies it down to the device. However, it seems the device then realizes that I have an entry in my address book with the person's name (including the suffix) and updates the calender entry with their address book name (no suffix).

    Upon syncing again, there is a difference and therefore, Desktop Manager tries to re-sync the contact.


    Doe, John (USA) sets up a reoccurring appointment. It's in my outlook calender.

    I perform a sync and it appears in my BB appointments. Somehow, my address book is queried and it finds that there is an entry with the e-mail address Doe, John (USA) and a name of John Doe. The calender entry gets updated with the meeting originator field of John Doe.

    Next time I perform a sync, Desktop manager notices the change and tries to re-sync -- sometimes creating a new entry in both Outlook and the BB (depending on settings).

    I never had this problem with Desktop Manager 4.2 sp2 so I decided to downgrade and try that. It worked...

    Therefore, I am unable to upgrade to the latest DM software due to some flaky sync logic.

    Not sure this really is all that helpful to most people unless you happen to have an outlook server with suffixes. But regardless, I figured I'd post it to save someone else the hours and hours of my life I've wasted trying to get this to work.
    As always, just my opinion...
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    Same problem with Outlook 2003 and DM I spent several hours trouble-shooting the problem and trying different things to resolve, including adjusting the mapping properties between Outlook and my Device. Nothing seemed to work.

    My last-ditch "resolution" is to not synchronize the Outlook "Meeting Attendees" field with the Device "Attendees" field. I don't see the Attendees in my Blackberry Calendar entries.

    HOWTO: Open Blackberry Desktop Manager
    In Configuration category, select "Synchronization" menu.
    Click the "Synchronization" button (Configure synchronization settings for my desktop program.)
    On the "Intellisync" setup window, click the "Advanced" button.
    Make sure the "Calendar" tab is selected, then click the "Map Fields" button in the "Field Mapping" section of the Advanced screen.
    Find the "Attendees" line in the Device column. What you want to do is make sure that, for this field, synchronization is disabled. The double-ended arrow between the "Device" column and the "Microsoft Outlook" column indicates this is a synchronized field. Click it once to make it disappear (you can also double-click the field name on this screen).
    Click the "OK" button to exit the field mapping window.
    Click the "OK" button to exit the Advanced window.
    Click the "OK" button to exit the Intellisync Setup window.

    Now, when you synchronize, the attendees will not appear in the Blackberry appointments, but you also won't be repeatedly generating Outlook reminders for past appointments.

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    Yup, pretty much the EXACT issue I'm encountering. Mine is simply that user names in Active Directory at work don't "match" the name in my BB Address Book (i.e. "Joe Smith" vs "Joe A. Smith"). I tested changing one of my mis-matched contactsok in my BB Address Book and it didn't try to re-sync those meetings in which that contact was included.

    I like some of the features in Desktop Manager v4.7 so I'm sticking with it and just using the option of NOT sync'ing the "Meeting Attendee" field.

    Hope they fix it soon.

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