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I installed Desktop Manager 4.2 just this afternoon and some nice features are finally available...like Media Manager to transfer media files.

However, my current BB8700c has OS (platform installed and when I launched Media Manager from Desktop Manager, an error popped up: "The connected BlackBerry device does not support transferring media files. Verify that the device has BlackBerry Device Software version 4.2 or later installed."

As currently, I don't have OS 4.2 and can anyone here confirm when OS 4.2 will be released ? Thanks...

My current BB is based on 8700C_PBr4.1.0_rel371_PL2.0.0.133_A4.1.0.309_CSL.e xe - I hope version 4.2 of this would be released soon...
I also have the same problem, plus when I do a sync to Outlook, I also get a Intellisync error message that says "Function OpenMsgStore failed". Any idea what this message represents? I'd also like to know when OS 4.2 is available. Thanks all.