I am at my wits end with this problem.

I have installed DTM 4.5 on my laptop. I have OS on my CDMA Curve (8330).

Since I made these changes I can't get one or the other to recognize the filters I have applied to contact transfers.

I have a 7100i Blackberry on the Telus Mike Network. I don't want all my company's 300+ Mike phone numbers transferred to my Curve. This was never a problem with DTM 4.3 and OS 4.3.

No matter how I set up the filter the numbers still attempt to transfer to the curve.

I have Tried

  • Category CONTAINS Mike Phones <-------- Category name in Outlook
  • Category Does Not CONTAIN Mike Phones
To filter out the Mike Phone numbers in Version 4.3 I used the former. This didn't work with 4.5 so I tried the latter. Neither of them makes a difference. The latter should install all the Mike numbers and erase all my other contacts. The former should filter out the Mike Numbers.

Has anyone had this issue / figured it out?

Thanks for any assistance forthcoming.