I am currently using Outlook 2000 to sync Calendar, Tasks, and Notes with my Pearl 8100. The Notes of course syncs with the Memopad of the BB. I use this a lot for random notes, daily log of events, etc. I'm using DM 4.2.2

I was playing around with Outlook 2007 (downloaded the trial) and have discovered that the Notes view will not let you scroll anymore! In Outlook 2000, I have set the Notes section to look more like email rather than the default "sticky note" look. I think it's called Notes List. Like email, all the notes are listed and the reading pane shows the details. However, for long notes, Outlook 2007 simply does not show a scroll bar but Outlook 2000 does! In 2007, you have to arrow or page up/down for long notes.

Anyone know a workaround? Will Notes sync well with the Outlook Journal? Or is there a way in Outlook 2007 to show Notes List with a scroll bar?

Maybe I should just stick with Outlook 2000 for now...