So dumb me downloaded the DM 4.5 with media manager thinking media manager and media sync were the same thing... no. I never touched the media manager because its slow as hell but was looking again and ran in to the leaked media sync... and its awesome.

But I have a question.

I used to drag and drop from itunes but then I tagged everything artist/album/track number/track title, this way albums would play in order. Now I let itunes organize files and folders so all files are track number/track title.

So i used media sync hoping all would play in order like iTunes does and its does (with drag and drop all track 1's would play then all track 2's so on and so on, which is why i used to tag em myself). But, in show all in playlist it shows the songs as track number/track title but when i view just the songs info it has all the info and plays in alphabetical/numerical order.

Is the new media player in the new OS going to do the same thing? What do you think? I'm hoping it will at least show artist - track title or maybe edit what the whole playlist shows.