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    Mail Items not deleting in Outlook



    I'm a little bit of a newbie to BB's, but I've got a customer who have 4 BB's of different types all are running the following versions;

    Desktop Manager
    Desktop Redirector
    Outlook 2003 Prof'
    and Exchange Server 2003

    Earlier in the year, the Exchange server died, and all the mailboxes were recreated and restored, however since then (this could be a coinsidence) but odd things are now happening on the BB's.

    If a user deletes an email from the handheld, it is not updating Outlook by removing the deleted item, although the user has told the device to delete from both, I have TOTALLY uninstalled ALL the blackberry software and reinstalled it on the users PC's however this isn't resolving the problem,

    can anyone please help me as the customer is starting to get annoyed,

    Many Thanks


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    Re: Mail Items not deleting in Outlook

    If you force a reconcile, do the emails delete? If they don't, continue.

    First thing is upgrade to Desktop Manager 4.2 SP2 without Media Manager. The version you're using is not DST 2007 compliant.

    Second, before installing the above, follow the directions here to uninstall Desktop manager completely.

    Finally, you may want to wipe the devices before connecting them back to Desktop Manager (if needed). I suspect Redirector is not set up properly, and your uninstall did not clean it completely.

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