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    Help - Need this file


    I am currently on OS 4.2 but I prefer the older version of memo that was in OS 4.1 because I can type a particular word out when the app boots and it will go straight to "find" it while on the newer version when I type the word, it actually makes an entry in the document. Therefore I want to downgrade. Does anyone have this file? It's about 19kb.


    It can be found at in your directory at:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\"Your Device OS here"\Java
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    Re: Help - Need this file

    If you turn off Dialing from the Home Screen, tapping the letter S will bring you to Search.

    Go into the Phone App, click the wheel and select Options --> General Options. Scroll down to Dial From Home Screen and hit [Space] to change it from Yes to No. Hit [Esc] and save your settings.

    Tapping the letter S from the home screen will now bring up Search. There are many other "shortcut" keys - like M for Messages and B for Browser. Look for the underlined letter in the name of the icon.

    You can still use the letter S for a Speed Dial - just hold the letter down until the phone dials (about 1 second).

    That's a lot easeir than downgrading your OS!

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