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1. I have replaced a dead Blackberry 7250 with an 8830 World Edition from Bell. ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    DM refuses to uninstall 7250 in favour of 8830


    1. I have replaced a dead Blackberry 7250 with an 8830 World Edition from Bell. It's on BES and works fine. I've read previous discussions on problems with uninstalling Desktop Manager 4.1 and the 7250.

    2. Like those previous victims, my DM 4.1 failed to uninstall properly because the uninstall feature insists on accessing the original .msi file on the original path, while also insisting that you can only point it to an .exe installer file. It refuses to look at a folder unless it sees the .msi it wants there. You have to use Task Manager to kill the process.

    3. So our experts tell you uninstall DM and then go edit the registry. Fine. I followed the guide posted here and uninstalled or deleted everything RIM in the registry and, I thought, any reference to the 4.1 and the 7250. I deleted all RIM or Puma folders in Program Files as well, and rebooted.

    4. Didn't work! A fresh clean install of DM 4.2.2. briefly recognises and reads the PIN # of the new device - but then changes its mind and reverts to "Disconnected." It refuses to see the 8830 (although Windows sees it with no problem) because it insists it's still a 7250. Although the first DM software tab says it is version, the "Device Software" tab says it's "v4.1.0.303 (Platform for the Blackberry 7250 Windows Handheld." But I can find no reference to the 7250 in my registry and I've run Google Desktop to find every case where those four numbers occur.

    4. I have also read previous instructions to reinstall 4.1 in order to uninstall it. But if I click on the zip file, it again runs the installer, then again complains that it can't find the .msi file, then won't accept the installer file as the answer, then we're back to the endless loop and Task Manager to kill it and editing the registry, etc.

    Conclusion: there is still a sleeper file I have not detected somewhere hijacking every attempt to install and insisting that DM must believe I still have the 7250.

    How do I find and kill it?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Re: DM refuses to uninstall 7250 in favour of 8830

    ~via BB ( you get the common files? Just thought I would over state obvious

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