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I thought I was happy that RIM finally came out with a DM for Mac ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Thumbs down DM for Mac - more problems than good


    I thought I was happy that RIM finally came out with a DM for Mac users. I've been using it for almost a month, but never expected the problems I've been having. The user guide is very slim and gives little help, so after having a MAJOR issue with my calendars this week and not being able to find anything for 2 days about it - posting here, Apple, and Blackberry's forums looking for help - I finally tracked something down tonight to explain it all.

    That being said, I have to share it with everyone. You don't find this easily. You have to do an advanced search of Blackberry's Technical Solution Center and type in the right words in the search box to have it come up. Why this isn't being released on their website with the download I don't know - it sure would have been nice to know before I synced all of my data and had all of these problems!

    Unfortunately, it says they know about a lot of problems, but there is NO workaround for right now. So we're all stuck!
    So if you're a Mac user and are wondering about an issue you are having - download it, read it, and decide whether to stick it out or go back to Pocket Mac

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    couldnt agree any more

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