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I was discussing this in another thread regarding my IMAP issues, but since they were ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    DM Crashes Resolved


    I was discussing this in another thread regarding my IMAP issues, but since they were not really related I thought I would start a new one.

    Like many others DM would crash almost everyday while syncronizing my Outlook Calendar during the "Reading Outlook ..." phase unless I cleared the BB calendar first in Advanced options of Backup / Restore. The default answer from RIM and many here is I had corrupt calendar events in Outlook causing this.

    I sincerely doubted I could have that many corrupted calendar events or attachments and I could never find any corrupt entires or even figure out which item was causing the crash even with advance logging turned on. Also this was always crashing during the read of the calendar events from Outlook and not doing anything else.

    To solve my other problem with IMAP calendar OTA sync I changed the sync option for calendar from Sync to Import since I always want my corporate exchange / Outlook to be the master list. This has solved my crash issues.

    The read of Calendar entries go through without problem every time. If I change it back to Sync instead of Import, it will crash after a couple of syncs.

    I am running DM 4.2 Sp2 with BIS. Hope this helps someone else.
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    yeah thanks!

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