Ok hereís my problem. I have bluesoleil version 5.0.5 and itís an awesome Bluetooth program, and comes with a great Bluetooth stack. Now according to Rim in the following KB article :

you cannot have third party Bluetooth software installed on your machine and be able to connect via Bluetooth to DM. It states that you have to use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack, which sucks and barely supports anything as it is, not to mention microsoft has no plans to work on it in the near future, now I use the Bluetooth on my computer for a number of other Bluetooth operations that arenít supported by the Microsoft Bluetooth stack, is there anyone out there that has found a way to connect to DM using bluesoleil or any other third party Bluetooth software and can successfully sync?
If I canít find a solution to this problem I wonít be able to connect my BB to DM without a usb cable, and I donít have many free ports as it is (i have 8 ports, 1 ext hub and use all of them), so this would be a major problem for me having to unplug other things. Any help on this particular matter would be greatly appreciated.