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Just migrated to new machine Sony Vaio TX laptop from IBM Thinkpad X40. Both XP ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Desktop Intellisync Not Recognizing ACT 6.0


    Just migrated to new machine Sony Vaio TX laptop from IBM Thinkpad X40. Both XP Pro

    Trying to sync with Act 6.0

    Worked Flawlessly on Thinkpad. Once the Desktop software was installed on the new machine, connected BB without a hitch, went to configure PIM in Intellisync and when you choose the program (Act 4.0/2000/6.0), it fades to grey and cannot be selected as the PIM.

    Uninstall, reinstalled a few times (both Act 6.0 and BB Software). No dice.

    Downloaded trial version of Companionlink Express for kicks and ended up getting error message to "Please Open Act Database once .... so in can be converted to current version".

    Tired of waiting on a resolution from Companionlink, uninstalled everything.

    Running 4.1 Desktop. Installed the Service Pack. Still won't recognize Act during PIM config.

    Next idea was to uninstall BB Desktop. Go to old machine and simply copy all the files located in the Research in Motion file... copy to new machine and maybe the settings that worked previously would be moved as well. Since I'm posting this message, you can probably guess that this did not work either.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking there is probably a cleaner uninstall than doing it through Control Panel. However, enjoyed Pinstack dialogue so much I decided to just lay it out for ideas.

    Thanks much

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    Re: Desktop Intellisync Not Recognizing ACT 6.0

    Hello randy, welcome to pinstack. I dont use ACT for sync so Im not much help. Im sure there are many stackers that do, and should answer shortly.

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