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    Contacts entered in handheld deleted during sync


    I have searched and searched a bunch of the forums here with no luck regarding this issue. I appreciate any assistance or recommendations.

    Here is the situation:
    We have 7 employees using the 8830 and 1 with a 7130 on the Verizon Network at my office. We are not running a BES server. Each handheld syncs manually via the usb as often as the user connects (typically everyday.) We are running a MS Exchange Server at the office for outlook email and have everyone connected to an office contact list that is updated at least weekly. Each BB owner has their desktop manager sync setup to synchronize with tasks and calendar from the individuals outlook. The contacts sync is mapped to grab the company shared contacts as well as the individual personal contacts in outlook. We have the contacts set to import only so that when I put my wife, mom, etc in my handheld their contact does not dump into the company shared contacts.

    This works great for some of us but others are having trouble. I have entered many personal contacts directly into my handheld, synched many times and all is well.

    My question:
    We have at least 4 employees that are losing any contacts entered directly into the handheld whenever they sync. There is no prompt to ask to delete, they just go away. We can even assign the contact to a speed dial and it keeps the number but loses the contact info associated with that number after it syncs with desktop manager. All machines are using DM 4.2

    I have tried a soft reset (battery pull) with no luck. I have not tried to wipe and redo OS as I feel like it is a setting somewhere since I have multiple handhelds with the same issue.

    Thanks for any assistance.


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    Re: Contacts entered in handheld deleted during sync

    It sounds like the DM is set to sync one way and replace all data in the target location. Check the Sync options for address book so that one way sync is set but the check box for replace data is not checked.

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