Here's a wierd conflict. The LaCie external hard drive device updater (FireWire 800) conflicts with the USB port in such a way that the RIM Desktop Software won't connect to my BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (not sure if this issue applies to other BlackBerry models). This issue exists with Desktop version as well as version 4.3, perhaps to all versions. And it also exists on Windows XP SP2 as well as Windows Vista.

At my tracker level, I can't post URLs yet, but if you Google "Device Updater 4.1.0 for LaCie d2 and Porsche products with FireWire interface" you should see the download page for the LaCie device updater. If you install that LaCie software, the RIM Desktop Manager won't recognize the connected BlackBerry. If you uninstall that LaCie software, then the RIM Desktop Manager works fine.

What's really wierd is the LaCie software is connected to their external hard drives via FireWire ports, not USB. But somehow, it conflicts with the RIM Desktop Manager's ability to recognize the BlackBerry connected to the USB port. This conflict exists even though the PC is always able to connect to the media card via Mass Storage Mode. In other words, I can transfer pictures to/from my BlackBerry via Mass Storage Mode on the USB port, but the RIM Desktop Manager won't see the connection.
--- Art