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    in outlook, I only have one entry - on my device, everything is getting doubled. I have deleted the service books for all but one calendar and when I set up sync in DM 4.6 for two way - everything doubles. The only way I only get 1 entry on my 8900 is if I set DM to sync calendar 1 way, from PC to device, and replace everything in the target directory. How can I fix this?

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    When did this start occurring? What kind of data plan are you set up on?

    This could be a solution:

    If you connect you blackberry to your computer, and then open up Desktop manager:

    1) On the left hand tab - click Synchronization (under Configuration)
    2) On the right side, click the Synchronization button.
    3) Now on this screen, for the first option (calendar) - which way is the arrow pointing? My guess is that your arrow is pointing ONLY to the left.

    What this means - is that everytime you run a "synchronization" it will copy ALL calendar entries to your device, EVEN if they are already on your device - therefore creating duplications of everything.

    To fix the problem - you need to configure your synchronization to either two-way sync (arrows go both way), or you can keep the same option as before (just sync TO the device, and not both ways), but you HAVE to click the "Replace all data in target application checkbox. This ensures that all old entries get deleted before putting in the new ones. One warning though - by selecting to "replace all data" everytime you sync - IF you add extra calendar entries on your phone after syncing - all the extra things you add will be DELETED whenever you sync. (This is to answer how to prevent future duplication)

    Heres how to delete all duplicates - just check the "replace all data in target application" and sync again. It will delete all current phone entries, and replace them with whatever is in outlook (or whatever you sync with).

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