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OK, This is what I'm working with. Verizon 8703e Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter Model# 33085 ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Question Bluetooth problems with Vista



    This is what I'm working with.

    Verizon 8703e
    Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter Model# 33085
    WIDCOMM/BROADCOMM bluetooth software version
    Windows Vista Ultimate

    Here's what I know:

    You have to use windows BT stack in order for it to connect to your BB.
    Microsoft doesn't automatically load the drivers for Kensington products

    Here's what I've done:

    Spent several hours looking on here and other forums for a solution with no luck. :cry:

    I spent several days geeking out on the internet looking for a solution to this problem. I was told that the newer version of WIDCOMM software won't work for Activesync and some other stuff. I had to use ver# So I downloaded this very lengthy and in depth guide on how to load the microsoft software and WIDCOMM drivers for Bluetooth. Everything went exactly as planned and WALLA!! still doesn't work

    SO know I'm begging someone to help me!!!!

    I know my way around computers, have a B.S. in IT and have been a S.A. for 12 years for the military. So if you have any ideas would really appreciate anyone's input.

    I suppose if I can't get it to work by the end of the week, I'll admit defeat and go out and by a BT dongle that will actually work with little effort, but I hate doing that, and this has now become a mission, so any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: Bluetooth problems with Vista

    Sorry my friend, I think you're doomed. I spent weeks looking for a way to sync Widcomm/Broadcomm drivers over a bluetooth. It's not a BB problem, I had the same issue with a number of PDAs and cell phones.

    I solved my problem by using generic Vista BT drivers but not sure if you can use those with Kensington.
    I'd try installing regular Vista drivers to operate your Kens BT. You can find them in C:\Windows\system32\Drivers
    All the drivers starting with Bt*.* are bluetooth drivers. Try going to Device Manager and Update Driver for your bluetooth. Then pick the driver by yourself by pointing at that location.

    Check a thread I posted a while ago, you might find it useful.

    Good luck!

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