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Here it is... New in this release • Bluetooth® radio connection functionality that enables ... RIM Desktop Software forum

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    Blackberry Desktop Software 4.1 Released


    Here it is...

    New in this release
    Bluetooth® radio connection functionality that enables a BlackBerry device that is running version 4.1 or later of the BlackBerry Device Software to communicate with BlackBerry Desktop Software that is running on a computer with Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or later over a Bluetooth wireless radio connection. See knowledge base article KB-04132 at for a complete list of Bluetooth transceivers that are supported in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

    • PIM (Personal information management) and email redirection support for IBM® Lotus Notes ® version 7.0 and IBM Lotus® Domino® version 7.0. PIM synchronization support requires an additional component download that is available in knowledge base article KB-04400 at .

    • In the Desktop Manager’s Intellisync™ section, users can click the Reset Configuration button to reset their PIM settings to the default.

    • Added IBM Lotus Notes native encryption support for receiving and viewing encrypted messages. To use Lotus Notes native encryption, the BlackBerry device must be running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.1 or later with BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ for Lotus Domino version 4.1 or later. The desktop computer must be running Lotus Notes version 7.0 or later with an account on IBM Lotus Domino version 7.0 or later.

    • The Application Loader remote function has been enhanced to allow system administrators to run basic device provisioning with little or no user interaction.

    • Added data migration wizard that imports PIM data from a Palm®/Treo™ device or a Windows Mobile™-based device to a BlackBerry device. Contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and memos can be imported. Note that the BlackBerry Desktop Software must be running on a computer with Windows 2000 or later. For this release, the import functionality is available in the English Desktop Software install only.

    The import wizard will support the following:
    Windows Mobile-based devices running Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SE, Microsoft Pocket PC 2003, Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, Microsoft Pocket PC 2000, Microsoft SmartPhone 2003 SE, Microsoft SmartPhone 2003, or Microsoft SmartPhone 2002 Palm Powered™-based devices that are used with Palm Desktop 4.0.1, Palm Desktop 4.1, Palm Desktop 4.1.2, Palm Desktop 4.1.4, or Palm Desktop 6.0.1.

    See knowledge base article KB-04346 for information on the data mapping that is performed by the data migration wizard:


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    Great information. I'm downloading it now.

    Thanks for the update.

    We should post this in the RIM Software area as well.

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    Re: Blackberry Desktop Software 4.1 Released

    hie am failing to get a complete download of desktop software 4.1 can anyone email me the english only which is 33. something meg to my email add thanks

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    Re: Blackberry Desktop Software 4.1 Released

    desktop manager version 4.2 is now available

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