I was thrilled to get my new 8330 last week. I updated the OS on the 8330 and I donwloaded the most up to date desktop software(4.3). I am running outlook with windows xp.
So i have synced the new device several times but I did not over the weekend.
Today everything will sync except the appointments. I can add an appt tp either outlook or my blackberry, but they wont sync back and forth.
I called Verizon and they went through everything I already knew and it still wont sync.
Now they are telling me to do a device backup and a hard reset then try the calendars will sync. I hate to do that. I have had a 7130e for years and I know enough about the BB to know where to look, usually.
So any ideas where to look before I listen to Verizon?
Should I remove and install desktop again?
Should I wipe the phone and start again,ugh......

I will keep my calendar straight by hand for a while but I want to go back to it working like it was on Friday but I just dont see what has changed.

Thanks all.