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    Application Loader - Backups


    Many programs for the BB can only be downloaded over the air. When I have programs that I download this way, can they get backed up to the PC? After I wipe the BB, I need to reinstall them all. The ones I downloaded on the PC are usually available by using the Application Loader. Any advice?

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    Re: Application Loader - Backups

    Are you on BES or BIS??

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    Re: Application Loader - Backups

    Here's a quick guide I put together for the IT folks at my law firm for backing up all third-party apps. This backs up the applications only and not any data or settings. You need at least desktop manager 4.2 (I think). 1. Open desktop manager 2. select switch device wizard 3. select the first option: "switch blackberry devices" 4. hit next a few times and then enter the device password 5. when it asks, deselect "user data and settings" and "include messages" ONLY "third-party applications" should have a check mark 6. hit next 7. when it's finished, it will ask you to connect the new device DO NOT PRESS NEXT 8. On the PC navigate to c:/Documents and Settings/[user]/Local Settings/TEMP ([user] is the username i.e., jsmith) 9. In the temp folder there will be a folder entitled with the blackberry's PIN 10. Copy that folder to another directory (e.g.., My documents). THIS FOLDER CONTAINS A BACKUP OF ALL THIRD-PARTY PROGRAMS AND AN ALX FILE FOR REINTSTALLING THEM. 11. cancel the switch device wizard. To reinstall applications to any blackberry: 1. connect device to PC, open desktop manager, select Application loader, hit next, enter password (if necessary), and select "Add" 2.. Navigate to the directory where the Folder entitled with the person's pin is located and select the file name [PIN].alx (where [PIN] is the pin) 3. Select Next a few time, and all of the third-party applications will be reloaded to the device. Let me know if you have any questions.
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