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    I recently learned how to sync my Pearl with my palm desktop but I have a few issues. It seems that when I add info on the phone it does not put it on the palm desktop. Also when I delete contacts I don't need on the phone they come back when I sync even if I take them off palm desktop. It keeps screwing up my phone contact list and it becomes very annoying scrolling thorough hundreds of contacts to look for numbers. If any one has some advice i would greatly appreciate it. THANKS

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    Are you trying to use the Palm Desktop to sync with your BB? I really don't think that Desktop manager is meant to actually sync with the Palm Desktop but only to do a one time transfer of info from the Palm to the Blackberry. The Palm Desktop in not one of the PIMs listed in the Sycnronization List on the Blackberry Requirements site. It doesn't surprise me you're having problems. My advice is to start using one of the PIMs that are compatible with the Desktop Manager.

    Hope this helps.
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