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    8700v Wireless Email Reconciliation


    I usually sort out basic problems with the blackberry's in the office (we have the BES system linked with Outlook) but have come a bit stuck - wonder if you could help me?
    One of our guys had a Blackberry 7230 and has now just got a 8700v. I have restored the data from the old blackberry onto this new one and calender/contacts/old emails are all there. The SIM is registering GPRS but I cannot send or receive emails. When I connect the device to the desktop manager it says that Wireless Email Reconciliation is not currently enabled and to go into the message options on the handheld for these settings. However, in messages the only options I have are the General Options (i.e display time, display name etc) and Email Reconciliation but in here it only gives the option for Delete on: Handhled/mailbox etc - nothing about wireless reconciliation!!
    If you could shed any light that would be great.

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    Re: 8700v Wireless Email Reconciliation

    You'll need to log into your BIS account and "change the handheld associated" with your BIS account. Or emails will continue to go to the old device.

    You'll need to enter the new BB's PIN and IMEI

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