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    Yahoo! oneSearch With Voice for BlackBerry Now Available to Canadian Users


    Free Download Available at

    Today, Yahoo! announced the availability of Yahoo! oneSearch(TM) with voice to consumers in Canada, allowing mobile device users to initiate searches simply and quickly using the power of their voice. With Yahoo! oneSearch with voice, consumers can search for anything - including flight numbers, sports results, Web site names, local restaurants and more, simply by speaking. These innovations build on Yahoo!'s strategy to become the starting point for mobile consumers.

    "Yahoo! continues to deliver innovative mobile products and services to our Canadian users. With the launch of Yahoo! oneSearch last year, we offered mobile consumers a rich, new search experience specifically tailored to mobile devices," said Bruce Stewart, vice president and general manager of Connected Life Americas, Yahoo!. "With today's launch of Yahoo! oneSearch with voice, we embark on the next generation of mobile search technology and make it easier and quicker for Canadians to find what they are looking for on their mobile devices."

    Yahoo!'s voice enabled mobile search allows users to conduct searches more quickly than entering text. According to internal metrics, Yahoo! oneSearch with voice, which launched earlier this year in the US, has demonstrated the ability to increase the number of average searches per user by over 35% across the same mobile device models after discounting for speech accuracy rates.

    For example, a search query like "Beijing Olympics" or "Canada at Beijing" instantly returns a rich set of results highlighting the latest results and schedules, breaking news, Olympic team profiles, Olympic images, and Web links.

    Whereas most mobile voice recognition systems are specific to vertical categories such as local listings, Yahoo! oneSearch with voice lets consumers perform unstructured searches - returning relevant results for practically every kind of query.

    With continued usage, Yahoo! oneSearch with voice will adapt to the user's intonations and accent, providing increasingly fine-tuned results as the product is used. The new voice-enabled Yahoo! oneSearch with voice is available beginning today for select Blackberry devices including the 8800 series, the Curve and the Pearl, and can be downloaded from on compatible mobile devices. Yahoo! does not charge for the service, though carrier data fees may apply.

    Key features of Yahoo! oneSearch with Voice:
    - Wide-open, unconstrained voice-enabled search: Say anything and get relevant results returned through oneSearch
    - Personalizes to your voice: Voice-enabled Yahoo! oneSearch adapts to your voice the more you use it.
    - Speak or text: Allows users to switch between speaking and typing at any time, allowing consumers to easily refine their queries.

    To learn more about Yahoo!'s mobile products, consumers can visit their PC or visit on mobile devices. Over the coming months, Yahoo! oneSearch with voice is expected to support additional devices, languages and become available in additional countries.

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    ask me
    Works amazing on my 8320....but can't get my co-workers 8310 to work...downloaded fine, but never finds anything.....wierd.

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    yes it does work to well on 8330 or 8130 either,

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    Works perfectly on my 8330.

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    Works fine on my 8320 curve~via BB (

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    Up and running. Pretty cool. (8330)

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