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We've not only given WorldMate Live a great new look, we've delivered on our goal ... Smartphone News forum

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    WorldMate Live: A whole new look -- FREE UPGRADE


    We've not only given WorldMate Live a great new look, we've delivered on our goal of enhancing your experience and interaction with the service. Here are just a few of the exciting changes:

    -- An on-device home screen that is customized to your location and travel plans and features a "carousel" display of all WorldMate Live services.
    -- A redesigned WorldMate Live Web site for easier access and editing of your itineraries.
    -- A new Download Center making it simple to upgrade and buy a Gold subscription from your computer
    -- The new WorldMate Live alert tone played when you receive an important notification.
    -- A new WorldMate Live Home Page, illustrating WorldMate Live's powerful services, including a quick explanation of How to Get Started and links to a series of on-device demos, walking you through the features step by step.

    You simply have to see it for yourself to appreciate the difference.

    Your existing Itineraries will appear in the new version within moments of your first log in. If you plan to "Go Gold" in response to our 2 month free promotional offer, you can do so before upgrading and your new subscription will transfer automatically.

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    I have to say I liked the old format better and it seemed more responsive in getting around the ap.
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    Just upgraded anyone like it? ~via BB8310 (

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    I'm enjoying the new look and feel! I find this app extremely helpful as I'm a frequent international traveler. Panama in October! ~via BB (

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    I'm in over 10 different countries a year, and Worldmate is one of those things that works good in theory but in all actuality, it sucks for me. For trip management, works well, but there's no BB client, but all of that ends up on my calendar with time zone adjustment.

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    A little heads up to Bold users with os ABOVE .126 - unfortunately some of the features on worldmate such as hotel booking are not working on newer versions of the bolds os. Worldmte is aware of the issue and is working on it.
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    I like the new look. Seems to work fine so far. ~via BB (

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    I love the new look and the gold subscription makes Worldmate a KILLER app when traveling. I use it constantly.

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