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Users now have the ability to insert and over-write audio dictation captured on their BlackBerry ... Smartphone News forum

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    WinScribe announces new enhancements now available for BlackBerry


    Users now have the ability to insert and over-write audio dictation captured on their BlackBerry Smartphones as well as flag jobs as priority directly from their device. WinScribe is the first vendor in the digital dictation sector to offer this functionality for BlackBerry Smartphones.

    Since the launch of the application in February of this year, WinScribe for BlackBerry Smartphones is being deployed in over 30 of the top legal firms internationally as well as a number of medical organizations.

    Rather than carrying around several devices, WinScribe's key objective was to make life easier for the mobile lawyer by combining the accessibility of all applications onto one device. WinScribe offers a sleek dictation application for BlackBerry smartphones. The application streamlines and simplifies the dictation process and speeds up work turnaround with its fully featured finger touch control, secure voice and data transmission, speech recognition integration and online/offline functionality.

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    I'm a SOOOOOOO checking this out for my line of work! Thanks again Hayden, you continue to ROCK like always!!
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    Bighand Dictation also offers this type of a solution. We are currently reviewing their proposal for our firm to do an evaluation of their system.

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