Almost every smartphone user out there is addicted to some sort of social networking platform, whether it's MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. All of these have some sort of counter to let you know how many people are in your little circle or find you interesting. For some people, the urge to rack up as many friends/followers as possible is nearly irresistible. Well, if this is your goal and you're having a hard time finding 1000 people who want to read about your life and day-to-day happenings, then there's a company who may have what you need.

The company, a marketing firm based in Brisbane, Australia says that for a small fee, they can get you as many followers on yours social site as is allowed. They however aren't advertising their skills towards those just seeking to be popular, they claim it's more for those trying to reach a target audience through direct advertising. A quote from their site says, "The simple fact is that with a large following on Facebook, you have an instant and targeted group of people you can contact and promote whatever it is you want to promote." Not a bad idea when you consider that most avid FB or MS users not only view the content from their desktops, but their mobile devices too and it opens your marketing to not only them, but their also their friends.

However, Facebook has fired back saying, "This is a violation of our terms by uSocial and any user who participates in their programs" as reported by the site Australian IT. In a statement obtained by the site, Facebook has said, "It's our understanding that uSocial logs in as a user and manipulates their account...Thus, we'd caution any customer of their service that their account and investment is in jeopardy...If we find a user has violated our terms we may take action against them, including permanently disabling their account."

Doesn't look like FB wants this company to have any part of it's networking site, but it might be hard for them to prove a user obtained USocial's services, in-which case, if you have a big message or product to get out there, this might be the answer for you. USocial lists their FB services as starting at $177 for 1000 friends and going up from there. Their Twitter service starts at $87 for 1000 followers and goes up to 100,000, with the difference being that Twitter followers are offered over a set period of time.

Check out the article from AustralianIT here.