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Originally Posted by j llama Keep us updated on whether you have access or not. ... Smartphone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by j llama View Post
    Keep us updated on whether you have access or not.

    (I guess if you can't get over the Great Firewall of China, you won't be able to let us know lol)
    The best way to break out of the Great Firewall is either Tor, or some sort of VPN, like a SSH tunnel. You can easily set up a SSH tunnel to your home machine, and it will forward all your traffic over it to your home connection. As a bonus, China can't read your traffic at all, assuming you use your own private machine instead of a public one (which might have keyloggers and etc.)
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    I was able to use my BB 8310 in Guangzhou with a local China Mobile SIM card. I had working web access, Yahoo Go, Iskoot/Skype chat and voice only.

    BIS services were not available so no BB Messenger.

    After reading news that security services in India were demanding RIM encryption codes to monitor traffic I would be surprised if China could decrypt BB encrypted traffic.

    More likely that Secret Service security is more worried about staffers using loose tongues making unencrypted voice calls, unencrypted chat traffic or lost phones at the Chinese KTV/Discos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by needcaffeine View Post
    what a load of B.S., if they think the Chinese are any better crackers then anyone else they're living in some dream. Plus I thought the BB was one the few devices which very hard to crack, thus the DoD, etc used them.

    I'm currently in China, and it's working fine for me....then again, I'm not POTUS, but I do have high security turned on on my device...b/c plenty I've given to people here have gone missing....though that's why you password protect them....and wipe them when on a BES, which surely the Gov't is on, as they use IT policies.
    I think you've had ENOUGH caffeine for the day. I'm jacked just reading your post. Nice comments BTW. I had to google POTUS. Keep reporting from China. Good reading!

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    If you can write it, you can hack it.

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    I think that chinas policies are just weird
    In general. To think if you lived in a country where the government told you what to do. ~via BB (

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    If China can crack the code .. . . my "spider-sense" tells me the India Government will be giving them a call. They would love to crack RIM's encryption as well....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrockett View Post
    I was thinking the same thing. The Chinese are good, but I didn't think they were THAT good.
    Can't agree with you more on that. They are good in imitating products not espionage...
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