Weight Watchers, announces the launch of Weight Watchers Mobile. Visitwww.WeightWatchers.com for more information or, to access the mobile site from your handheld device, go to mobile.weightwatchers.com and log-in with your existing subscriber username and password.

(mobile.weightwatchers.com), which enables Weight Watchers Online and eTools subscribers free access to the same weight loss planning and tracking tools that help them stay on track, from any location, at anytime on a supported mobile device. Wherever they may be--at a restaurant, at the grocery store, on vacation, on a bus or train, subscribers will be able to see their weight loss tools on BlackBerry devices.

Weight Watchers Mobile provides access to the broad set of planning and tracking tools, geared towards giving subscribers even more convenient ways of staying on track with their weight loss plan. The easy access can further help users integrate positive habits no matter where they are and keep them engaged in their weight loss experience, as long as they have a wireless connection.

Specific features include the ability to:
-- View a summary of daily POINTS values used
-- Calculate POINTS values for foods or activities
-- Search POINTS values for favorite foods
-- Log activity or food POINTS values and the Plan Manager will automatically be updated in real time

"With so many people spending more time on the Internet and using mobile devices, Weight Watchers saw a need to launch a mobile site for subscribers' evolving lifestyles in order to provide them with information right at their fingertips," says Michael Basone, President of WeightWatchers.com. "We also know that being engaged with Weight Watchers online tools and tracking can help lead to great success. Our mobile site now offers them that additional convenient option to further assist in achieving their weight loss goal."

"About four years ago, Weight Watchers showed me the way to lose a lot of weight and learn how to keep it off, and as a Lifetime Member, I still diligently follow the plan and use eTools. Because I travel extensively for work, Weight Watchers Mobile is a vital tool for me and is helping me continue to stay on track," says Weight Watchers member, Mike Brezonick.