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I just signed up. This seems like a really cool app. I love it. with ... Smartphone News forum

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    I just signed up. This seems like a really cool app. I love it. with all of the announcements it's like christmas in april.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vringo_support View Post
    Have you tried to stop the app and restart it? it sounds like its looping. it obviously should never take that long just to connect. Could also be a wifi issue... can you try with wap?
    tried many times to stop and start it up but it still says "Please wait for connection to Facebook server" It wont even stop due to a timeout

    and i dont have wap (well my provider Rogers has blocked my wap usage for a certain UL email plan)

    is there a way this can be done via desktop manager or via datacable?

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    Downloaded this app with a lot of excitement! Download was easy....setup was even easier!

    However, the actual functionality of the app was a major letdown. For one thing, the picture isn't full screen, and for another, the delay between the vibration and Vringo picture display and the actual ringing of my phone seems like a decade! My BB brings up the Vringo picture, vibrates once, then switches to my recent calls list, (why....i don't know) then, after lagging for a while, finally starts ringing....with no picture!? What!?

    Like other people mentioned....if this app would be better integrated with the address book, it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Heck, I'd even pay for it!

    Whoever the Vringo rep was on the stacks, I know you mentioned that you were working with RIM to get better integration, and I hope it happens soon! You are onto something great, I just don't think its worth it to jump on at this stage of production. I'll be looking forward to trying out your next update! Also, please let me know if I'm doing something incorrectly thats causing these inconveniences....if I'm wrong....then I apologize for my somewhat harsh review....however, it seems to be working as it was meant to....

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    Well I had a horrible experience with this application. I'm not entirely sure Vringo did it however my phone has been perfect up till I received my first phone call after installing this app.

    Right now whenever I am on a voice call my phone makes a clicking noise every second such that I can't hear the other person so I hear their voice intermittently. Has this happened to anyone else? The speaker switches off automatically also. No idea why this is happening

    I've done a hard reset. I've wiped the phone. Uninstalled the application and this still persists. I might end up buying an iphone tomorrow since AT&T said there is nothing they can do to fix it and my warranty expired in February. Meh...

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    If it looked like it is advertised, I would totally keep it. But only displaying the picture before and after the ring seems a little backwards to me. Automatic facebook sync with the Address book would absolutely be pay worthy for me.

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    1. The sync isn't automatic I have to run the app on the phone and then go online to facebook and use the interface there to update pictures.

    2. It does odd things when I get a call. It might ring once and quit. It might ring fine, then when I try to answer I have to hit the answer key repeatedly with the phone up to my ear to see when it really answers.

    3. I love the concept, don't care much for the current implimentation of said concept.

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    So I used Opera Mini on my partner's phone to add the Facebook application, then read the instructions about getting started...

    "Enter your phone number to download the application", so I enter my phone number...

    "Please enter your phone number!"


    So I try in international format...

    "Please enter your phone number!"

    Okay, third time lucky - international format with the "+"...

    "Please enter your phone number!"

    My Australian phone number is 04xxxxxxxx and I tried:
    * 04xxxxxxxx
    * 614xxxxxxxx
    * +614xxxxxxxx

    Obviously this wasn't going to work, so I took at stab-in-the-dark, grabbed my 'Berry and typed-in

    Well I can see the Vringo logo, that's good...

    "Enter your phone number and PIN"

    So I typed-in my phone number and tried to enter my BlackBerry PIN - apparently I can only enter numbers!

    So I now I'm stumped.

    I've got what is potentially a great service, one that I'd ABSOLUTELY be prepared to pay for if done right, but I can't use it!

    How do I actually downnload the Vringo application for BlackBerry OS, preferably without the use of a computer (I don't own one)?

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