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T-Mobile USA has added to its lineup the BlackBerry 8820 smartphone with a voice over ... Smartphone News forum

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    VOIP, T-Mobile's sweet spot with new Wi-Fi BlackBerry 8820


    T-Mobile USA has added to its lineup the BlackBerry 8820 smartphone with a voice over Wi-Fi capability that enables voice connections over any public or private Wi-Fi network.

    T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service provides unlimited, nationwide calling over any Wi-Fi network at home, across accessible corporate Wi-Fi networks, or at any of more than 7,000 T-Mobile HotSpot locations nationwide. Faster Web browsing is also enabled through 802.11 a/b/g connectivity, the carrier said.

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    Anyone get this yet? (I know it's been on ATT for a while). I am interested to see if the bottleneck issue is fixed on wifi browsing.
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    ~via BB ( Just in time for my upgrade. Gonna have to make a trip to TMo to see if I get this or another phone I'm eyeballing.

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    yup - i got mine yesterday and have been really pleased with its ability to switch from uma/wifi to EDGE when needed. i would like the switch to happen a tad quicker, or at least be able to manually switch with the press of the trackball - but i'll take it as is. call quality is about the same as EDGE. i didnt get HH because I didnt need it. i have a 2WIRE router (that comes with ATT Illinois phone service for DSL) and it works just fine with the 8820. My neighbor is using a Belkin wireless router (open . . . muahahahah) and the 8820 finds it and runs from it just fine. at work, we have Linksys wireless and the 8820 spots it and runs from it like a pro. Wifi is really the way to surf the web, about a 50% decrease in waiting for the pages to fully load. next i'm off to a starbucks to see how the 8820 handles that.

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