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Hi, folks, We are getting ready to release a new version of vlingo (1.1) and ... Smartphone News forum

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    Vlingo 1.1 Limited Beta - Reply/Forward Messages, Connection Issues Fixed


    Hi, folks,

    We are getting ready to release a new version of vlingo (1.1) and are running a limited beta test, starting now, for the first 200 people who download the new version.

    The biggest improvements in vlingo 1.1 are the ability to forward & reply to emails and text messages and better connection handling. Here are the details of what’s new:

    New Features
    • Many of you have asked us to let you reply to and forward messages using voice. We listened! We added “reply with vlingo”, “reply all with vlingo” and “forward with vlingo” commands to your BlackBerry’s own Messages menus. You can now speak to reply or forward your emails and SMS messages. This lets you reply right from the same place you’re reading your messages.
    • Automatic capitalization. We added automatic capitalization to your email and SMS messages a little while back. For those of you who may not have noticed, we’re taking this opportunity to let you know about it here. Vlingo will now automatically capitalize proper nouns and the first letter after punctuation (try speaking “period,” “exclamation point,” or “question mark” to try this for yourself).
    Key Bug Fixes and Network Connection Improvements
    • This version should fix the problem where vlingo was unable to run because it thought it needed WiFi permissions on a non-WiFi device
    • If you have a WiFi device, this version should no longer require you to turn off WiFi when you are no longer connected via the WiFi network.
    • This version offers a more robust set of connection options. If you previously were unable to connect to vlingo or received frequent timeout errors, this update offers you additional options for establishing a successful connection. If this version doesn’t work right away, we have included some options you can try at the end of this post.
    • Improved permissions management. This addresses issues reported by a number of users.
    • Faster response time, particularly for longer messages (even more improvements are expected partway through the beta program – see details below)
    • A number of smaller bugs have been fixed as well.
    I want in! What do I do?

    The 1.1 beta is available to the first 200 BlackBerry users who download it. You can find the beta software at:

    We expect the beta to fill up quickly, so please visit this link soon if you want to participate.

    We expect the beta period to last approximately 2-3 weeks. If you choose to participate by downloading this beta version, you should expect that the application will inform you of another mandatory update that you will be asked to download part way through this period. This is a planned part of the beta process.

    How do I provide feedback?

    Once you download the beta and try it out, we want to hear from you! You can do this in one of two ways:
    • Use the “Send Feedback” link in the vlingo software. You can access it on the vlingo home screen, or from the menu available from any vlingo screen.
    • If for some reason you can’t use the Send Feedback link, email us at
    Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, any issues you experience, and anything else you’d like to know. Please be as specific as possible—it will really help us understand how we’re doing as we get ready for public release of vlingo 1.1.

    What if I experience connection issues with this release?

    vlingo 1.1 offers some additional connection options. If you are receiving request timeout or connection failure messages, you should try changing the vlingo “Connection Type” setting. The different options are:
    • Auto. With this setting, vlingo will try to determine the best connection itself. Generally, you will want to try this first and leave it here if it works. If you have errors or extremely long response times, then try the settings below.
    • Direct TCP. We typically find that this provides the fastest connection, although not everyone can use it. If you have a GSM phone, you need to make sure that your APN is set correctly for this to work.
    • BIS. This tends to be slightly slower, but if Direct TCP doesn’t work then this typically will.
    • MDS. This option is available for people whose phones are on a corporate BES server. If other connections are slow or unavailable, try this to see if it works better.
    Thanks so much, folks!


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    Thanks, heading over now...

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    Tilt is fun with WM 6.1, but not enough to kill the need for my nw iPhone 3Gs!!!

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    downloading now....thanks!!!

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    Got it
    It takes many professionals versed in many different area's to help the masses, I am just a single drop in that pool.


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    I may be interested in trying this but have a question. Did you guys ever figure out and fix the error that appears in the event log on the 8330 and 8130 after using vlingo to send sms messages?

    ~via BB (

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    I got me some Vlingo, lol

    ~via BB (

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    I'm in with OS 4.5

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    Works fine on my also.

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    thanks for the upgrade and the email ali. is this version?

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    downloading now!

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    Downloaded and working great on
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    Crackberry @ddict for LIFE..........

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    I'm in with my 8703e, running OS 4.2.2. According to the site, it shouldn't work, but it works like a charm. If you want any input from a user with an non-officially supported device, I can help out in that regards.
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    ask me
    Downloaded seems to be working fine ~via BB (

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    Still getting the severe java errors on the event log after using vlingo to send sms messages. The messages still go through most of the time. But right after sending an sms message using vlingo, if I do Alt lglg and look in my event log there are always 2 Severe Java Exceptions: Uncaught Exception Trace Name: Throwable Severity: Severe Error

    My question is, is this something that is OK to ignore, or is this something that can wreak havoc with my BBs OS over time with repeated use?
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