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Any one know which version of EVDO it has? I certainly hope its the newer, ... Smartphone News forum

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    What version of EVDO does it have?


    Any one know which version of EVDO it has? I certainly hope its the newer, speedier version!

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    revision A. From my understanding, revision B ( or whatever they will call it ) can be utilized with a firmware update when it's implemented in the network.
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    ...I just bought my 8130 because I told it'd be fall before they released the Curve .... bah.. Guess I'll wait for my new every two in april '09.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickjoedotcom View Post
    I have to ask what is the point Wifi on a BlackBerry? It's the only phone on the market that requires a data package to even use it. I suppose if you're looking to boost your speeds when actually in a wifi supported area, but otherwise the feature goes unrealized. T-Mobile being the exception to that allowing for unlimited calling through the wifi functionality. Just wondering really (anyhoo).

    This phone is going to be what I have been waiting for. At least until the next CDMA BlackBerry becomes available. But that silver color is tired. I'll definitely have to wait to see what other color will come, hopefully black! That would be the slickest looking bb ever!

    ALL phones that have internet capabilities require a data plan. WIFI enables WIFI voice.
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    Its good to see the CDMA folks finally getting an 83xx series Blackberry, just in time for the 9xxx!
    Cant wait to see if they come in black!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by doughdaddy View Post
    May is the perfect time. Right after getting my "stimulas" check from Uncle Sam, I will go "stimulate" the economy by getting my Curve!

    It's been a long wait, keep an eye out in the BST forum for my 8130 in May. LOL
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    I can't wait they told me they didn't kno if they were getting the curve so I got the pearl but I will for sure get this one~via BB (

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    Well, dont know about everyone else, but the internet speeds I get right now on my 8830 are terrible, worse than dial up. I sure hope whatever this evdo stuff is (You can tell i know my stuff! ) I hope its faster than what i got. And yes, the camera is what ive been waiting for as an 8830 user...

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    I've tried the 8130 just b/c I needed the camera for work & loved it; but, typing on the smaller keyboard just didn't get it for me; that's why I went back to the 8830. This new device is the total package for me, just wish that someone could get the GPS option to work!!!

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    This means odds are Telus is getting it soon too!

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    Well, I called my Verizon Rep and asked if there was a release date for the device. She pretty much did not know what I was talking about...she was even a 8130 owner and she did not hear about it. (Maybe she should have become a PinStacker...BooYa!) She thanked ME for the info that THEY had posted on their own web site, stating she knew nothing about the release or VZ offering the Curve soon. I feel real confident w/ my provider right now.(....NOT!!!!) I called them originally to disconnect my VZ Nav that I tried out for 1 whole week! It was slow...always trying to connect, and the voice nav did not work.(Yes, this was the updated version.)I think I will stick w/Google maps. I told the rep, that when they release the GPS on our phones, I will re-add their service. I told her that this was my silent protest against their disabling of the GPS for their "beloved customers." Anyone heard a VZW release date for the new Curve? T-Mo, Sprint, etc, have released theirs....

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    It would be nice if we could get a BB on VZW that was worldwide AND had a camera. This sux that I have to trade off one for the other. And what is with the ugly silver case? What can't VZW give us a sweet black case like Sprints Curve?

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