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Verizon Wireless has dropped the prices on all of their smartphones with the exception of ... Smartphone News forum

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    Verizon Wireless Dropped Prices On Most Smartphones To $99 Or Less!


    Verizon Wireless has dropped the prices on all of their smartphones with the exception of the BlackBerry Tour and the Samsung Saga to $99 or less with a two year contract. Usually drastic price changes mean two good things, a great deal on a sweet phone now and clearing out inventory for good things to come. With rumors flying about new smartphones across all platforms this gives those of us patiently waiting for something new some light at the end of the tunnel. And for those who have been craving a new device but were turned off by the prices, you can't pass these up now(except maybe the BlackBerry 8703e or the VZW XV6900...I can't see many tying themselves to a two yr. contract for those even at those prices ). Check out the VZW site for available devices and pricing details.

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    They also lowered the retail price of the Samsung Omnia i910 from $559.99 down to $469 or something like that.. I hope this means that Samsung Omnia II, TP2 and that Motorola Android phone are getting ready to dock the doors. Its going to be a hard decision picking which phone to upgradte to.... deep sign at finally getting decent choices from Verizon

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    Tp2 gonna be sweet no matter what carrier you get it from
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    Hmmm...I had the Iphone then started missing the BB, so went to VZ and got a Curve. But now I am wanting either the Tour or Storm...glad to hear of the price drops, it will help with the decision making. Thanks
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    Hey you guys-a little chuckle on a Monday-went to Verizon over the week-end. Inquired about the Tour-I'm an on board customer not due for upgrade til Feb. Without a blink they said; "that'll be 499". I wish I could have seen my expression. Only inquired cause Curve camera is 2.0 mp; Tour is 3.0. New Grandson and great pix was the plan. Would have been nice to get a discount. Think I'll wait til Feb eh?
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