As laptops get smaller and cheaper and smart phones get larger and more powerful, the line contines to blur...

From BGR
"Just a few days ago we told you that Verizon Wireless stores were getting the HP Mini 1151NR and now we have official confirmation (from an announcement going out tomorrow) along with a few more details. First off, pricing is indeed $199.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and on a 2-year Mobile Broadband contract. Also confirmed are pricing plans, which many will be happy to learn start at just $39.99 a month for 250MB. Yup, Verizon has upped the data allowance on the $39.99 plan from 50MB and overage is still set at 10 cents per megabyte. Unchanged is the $59.99 per month plan, complete with 5GB and 5 cents per megabyte overage. For the additional twenty bucks a month, we think going with the latter is a safer bet if you’re going to be doing more with your connected HP Mini than just checking a few emails and light browsing from time to time. Hit the jump for the full press release along with a second release, also due out tomorrow, covering Verizon’s full mobile broadband portfolio."
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