The Nation's Oldest Internet Business-to-Business E-newspaper Offers Subscriptions to BlackBerry Smartphone Customers

U.S. Business Journal, an e-publication dedicated to providing the latest in business information and company news on the nation's private and public companies, now enables BlackBerry smartphone users to subscribe to and download the e-newspaper directly to their BlackBerry smartphone from Research In Motion.

"Business executives and their staff spend most of their time each day gathering sufficient business information needed to make the most reliable business decisions," said Stephen Bastien, Publisher of U.S. Business Journal. "By having much needed information instantly accessible on their BlackBerry smartphones, business professionals will save time and be able to make faster, more sound decisions regarding which companies to do business with."

To access the U.S. Business Journal content on their BlackBerry smartphones, users can download and install a simple application they can run from their BlackBerry Home Screen. The content is updated daily, delivered to a subscriber's BlackBerry smartphone, and stored on the handset so the user may access it at any time. This applet accesses the content live over the Internet and only requires a radio connection.

Pricing and Availability
U.S. Business Journal pricing starts at $250 for a one year subscription, which includes access to archived issues and the Customer Tracking System, where subscribers can receive the latest business news on their specific customers emailed to them. The U.S. Business Journal is now available for BlackBerry smartphones at

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