I see that the last comment on this thread was Oct. '08. Well It's now May '09, I've got OS version and I still have to pull the battery once a week in order to get back to 18MB of memory!

What's weird is that many posts I've read says that you start to get mis-behavior once you get under 10MBs free. But i routinely get down to about 1MB free without a problem. It gets really slow (that's how I know it's time to pop the battery), but it still functions fine and I haven't lost any e-mails.

Sure would like to get a version that doesn't suffer from these leakages. I just migrated to the bb after 9 years with a Pocket PC. I can you tell without hesitation - a 5 year old PPC is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the newest bb now. Why you guys stick with P.O.S. things is beyond me.