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    Tungle Meeting Coordinator Optimized for BlackBerry


    The free, business-class meeting coordinator reaches BlackBerry users, making it easier than ever to schedule meetings with busy professionals on the move.

    Tungle, the free business-class meeting co-ordination service that eliminates the wasted time and frustration of scheduling meetings among many busy people, has released a new version of its plug-in. The newest version of Tungle allows users to easily coordinate meetings for perhaps the very busiest people, professionals on the go who don’t have time to open their laptop. BlackBerry owners, in addition to notebooks and desktops users, can now easily manage and schedule meetings with Tungle.

    Tungle is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that empowers users to coordinate meetings with anyone, across platforms – including iCal, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes and now Blackberry – as well as across organizations, time zones and even with people who are not using Tungle.

    With Tungle’s new BlackBerry interface, professionals checking email on their BlackBerry device can receive a Tungle meeting invitation with a link. A click on that link launches a WAP browsing session to the Tungle scheduling site, formatted for their device’s display. Once there, users can update their availability. After the meeting is booked, the user will receive a meeting confirmation, formatted for their BlackBerry calendar. All - without having to open their laptop.

    “Road warriors are probably the biggest scheduling challenge,” said Marc Gingras, CEO of Tungle. “They are rarely in front of their computer and are hard to reach when coordinators are trying to fix meeting times. If they carry a BlackBerry, they can now quickly and easily respond to Tungle meeting invitations when they are on the go, in a matter of seconds.”

    The Tungle Beta Pilot
    A free service, Tungle has been in open beta since April 16, 2008. Anyone who wants to start using Tungle, including the BlackBerry service, can simply visit to download. The recently launched Tungle Outlook plug-in takes less than 30 seconds to install. It automatically synchronizes with users’ Outlook address books and calendars, eliminating any configuration or complicated setup. This information is kept secure and locally on the user’s machine, and is not uploaded or shared with anyone else or with Tungle. Its IM-like user interface makes it easy for users to understand and to start using within seconds.

    About Tungle
    Founded in 2006, Tungle makes meeting coordination fast and easy. It dramatically reduces the amount of communication required to find a suitable meeting time among many users, allowing anyone to share calendar views of availability without exposing preexisting meetings. Tungle works across organizations, independent of the calendar or groupware system(s) used. Its inherent speed, privacy and native communication with groupware clients makes it an ideal, free alternative for mid-and small offices that don’t have the desire or resources to invest in an Exchange or Domino server. Headquartered in Montreal, Tungle is funded by leading Canadian investors. For more information, visit
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    Thats a really cool way to do meetings...
    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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    Brilliant!~via BB (

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    Just downloaded the app. Has anyone been successful in creating meetings, events using their BB?

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    Do those with whom you want to schedule a meeting need to have a Blackberry as well?

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    did you download it to your phone or to your computer?

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    I did not see a phone application. I works well with outlook but you can't schedule a meeting on your BB.

    ~via BB (

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